Ken Block Jumps In Front Of Train, Kills All Tires In ‘Gymkhana 9’

Tue, Sep 13, 2016 1,734

Ken Block’s latest “Gymkhana” video doesn’t have the glamour of a drifting inside a spin dryer lined with supercars, or show iconic locations like the Hollywood sign in California. But it does have some of the “Head Hoonigan’s” most daring stunts yet.

In “Gymkhana 9,” Block hoons around an industrial park along the water in Buffalo, N.Y., and, in addition to some of his typical maneuvers — spin dryer, hairpin drifts and figure eights — he also pulls off some jaw-dropping new ones. Block jumps his Ford Focus RS RX in front of a moving train, puts half his rear tires over a seaside ledge while sliding and does donuts around a suspended Ford F-150.

Oh, and we guessed it would be suspended by a crane, but boy were we wrong.

It’s hard not to be impressed by Block’s talent. Even though this is his ninth video, he’s still able to choreograph new stunts in each one that catch us by surprise.