Valet At Houston Hotel Gave Keys To Porsche Panamara To Wrong Person

Thu, Aug 4, 2016 1,473

While waiting by a valet stand for the attendant to bring your car around, your mind will run through everything that could have happened to it while you weren’t around, and convince you the worst has happened. But one man’s experience at a hotel in Houston will make your worst-case scenario look like a walk in the park.

In May 2015, Carlo DiMarco valeted his 2014 Porsche Panamara at the Double Tree by Hilton before checking into his room, but when he gave his ticket to the parking ticket the next day it was nowhere to be found, according to the Houston Chronicle. After reviewing security footage, police found that one of the valet workers gave his keys to the wrong person, who then drove off in the $120,000 Porsche.

DiMarco recently filed a lawsuit against Hilton Worldwide, the hotel franchise owner, the property manager and valet service claiming negligence and fraud. According to the suit, DiMarco is seeking an unspecified amount between $200,000 and $1 million in damages.

In a letter to DiMarco, the franchise owner’s lawyer Chad Schiefelbein said the hotel isn’t liable for the theft because the valet service is an independent contractor. The lawsuit, however, claimed the valet workers were wearing Double Tree uniforms.

DiMarco had similar luck when dealing with the valet company’s insurance company. Scottsdale Insurance Co., in a separate letter to DiMarco, claimed that the company’s policy only covered damages and not loss of property.

To make matters worse, DiMarco’s personal insurance company would reportedly only give him $68,000 to replace the car. Additionally, since DiMarco took out a six-year loan to pay for the Panamera, he still has to pay $2,000 each month despite the fact that it was stolen.

To add insult to injury, DiMarco — who is an amateur racing driver — was in town to take part in a race that was sponsored by the Double Tree where he stayed. Even Alanis Morissette couldn’t have thought of something that ironic.

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