Rutledge Wood: ‘Top Gear USA’ Is ‘Done For Immediate Future’

Mon, Jun 27, 2016 2,421

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“Top Gear USA” has hit a speed bump, according to one of the series’ presenters.

Rutledge Wood posted on Facebook on Monday saying that “Top Gear USA” is done for the immediate future. He later said in his post, he and co-presenters Tanner Foust and Adam Ferrara plan to stick together to hopefully put out more content.

But Wood remains optimistic the show isn’t done for good, even it’s no longer affiliation with the A&E Networks and the History Channel.

The season finale — and possibly series finale — of “Top Gear USA” airs Tuesday night, with the trio taking American cars from the 1950s to Cuba.

Car fans have gone from three motoring shows to just one, with Tiff Needell announcing “Fifth Gear’s” cancellation a few weeks ago.

Thumbnail photo via Randy Sartin/USA TODAY Sports Images