Williams Claims It Broke Formula One Pit Stop Record In European Grand Prix

Wed, Jun 22, 2016 1,010

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Many mortals take more than two seconds to get up from a chair, but Williams Formula One doesn’t even need two seconds to complete a pit stop.

When Felipe Massa entered the Williams pit box during Sunday’s European Grand Prix, the front jack man had barely moved aside before he had to lower the car. Williams completed the pit stop in just 1.92 seconds, matching the previous record, set by Red Bull Racing in 2013.

Williams now claims the onboard data from Massa’s car shows the stop actually took 1.89 seconds, according to Motorsport.com.

At the very least, Williams tied the existing record, proving the work the team did in the offseason is paying off.

“Over the winter months, the team invested heavily in both equipment and in preparation of the staff who conduct the pitstops,” Massa wrote in his column for Motorsport.com. “The result has been some really exceptional performances — but we think there is time to be found. The team is still working to improve!”

We’re not sure how much you can improve on a sub-two second pit stop time without forgetting to change the tires, but it sure is exciting to watch Williams try.