Kia Further Proved How Strong Its Twitter Game Is During Super Bowl LI

Mon, Feb 6, 2017 1,833

Companies invested millions to advertise during Super Bowl LI, and to ensure that money was well-spent, most heavily promoted their commercials on social media. However, few did so as cheekily as Kia.

The Korean manufacturer aired a commercial for the 2017 Niro that starred Melissa McCarthy and her physical brand of comedy. Titled “Hero’s Journey,” the 60-second spot featured plenty of funny moments, which Kia highlighted throughout the game on Twitter.

The ad had nothing to do with football, but Kia still managed to use GIFs from it to provide updates throughout the game, such as when the Atlanta Falcons were leading the New England Patriots by more than 20 points in the first quarter.

It also live tweeted Lady Gaga’s drone-filled half time performance.

Oh, and Kia was pretty quick-witted with its reaction to the 2017 edition of the NFL’s “Super Bowl Babies” commercial.

Then, after the fourth quarter ended, Kia tweeted something most of us could relate to.

This isn’t the first time Kia has displayed its social media prowess during a big sporting event. During the summer Olympic Games, it also found a loophole in the International Olympic Committee’s Rule 40, which bans non-official sponsors from using certain phrases on social media.

On that occasion, as with the Super Bowl, Kia managed to tweet about its products in a way that related to a trending event, without explicitly referring to it. Most importantly, though, it made us laugh in the process.

Thumbnail photo via Kia