JLR Had $3.75M Of Engines Stolen; Theft Mirrors Robbery From Three Years Ago

Fri, Feb 3, 2017 2,040

In the U.S., Jaguar has branded itself as the “British Villains” thanks to the company’s ad campaign featuring Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong. Across the pond, though, it seems the manufacturer has some actual villainous Brits to catch.

Jaguar Land Rover had roughly $3.75 million worth of engines stolen from its factory in Solihull, U.K. on Tuesday night, the Birmingham Mail reports.

A semi truck reportedly broke into the factory at roughly 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, the suspects attached a trailer full of new engines to it and were gone in under six minutes. The truck then returned later that night to grab a second trailer. West Midlands Police said the empty trailers have been found in Coventry.

JLR hasn’t released any information about the robbery but an unnamed source told the Birmingham Mail, “The site is clearly not as secure as it should be.” Apparently, that comment is truer than the Mail’s source even knew.

Approximately $1.25 million in engines reportedly was stolen from the company’s Lode Lane facility roughly three years ago in a nearly identical heist. On both occasions the suspects used tractor-trailers, returned the same night to steal more engines and emptied the trailers in Coventry, according to the Birmingham Mail.

It’s believed five people were arrested and convicted in connection with that robbery.

JLR is offering a reward to anybody who has information that helps apprehend the thieves, and we can only assume the company’s North American arm is quickly rethinking its tagline, “It’s good to be bad.”

Thumbnail photo via Jaguar