Callaway Cars Will Convert Your C7 Corvette Coupe Into Shooting Brake

Fri, Feb 3, 2017 1,874
Every now and then, a small tuning shop takes an-already great car, and customizes it to create something even better that the manufacturer likely never would have thought of. Callaway Cars is the latest company to do just that.

After first announcing it in 2013 —¬†according to Road & Track¬†—¬†Callaway has released what it calls the Callaway AeroWagon Package, which transforms your C7 Corvette into a shooting brake. It reportedly will cost $14,900.

For those of you unfamiliar with the body style, a shooting brake essentially is a two-door wagon, quite popular in Europe. Although the idea of a Corvette that isn’t a coupe might ruffle some feathers among traditionalists, most of them probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when looking at it head-on.

Callaway C7 Corvette AeroWagon

The finished product Callaway released photos of started life as a Torch Red Z06, but the company said the AeroWagon Package can be fitted to any variant of the C7 coupe.

Personally, we can’t understand why anybody wouldn’t purchase this upgrade if they can afford it. Not only does it make the C7 more practical, also it doesn’t tarnish the Corvette’s styling, as Callaway proved with a side-by-side comparison of a standard Z06 and the Z06 AeroWagon.

Callaway C7 Corvette AeroWagon

Arguably the most impressive thing is, Callaway — a small company with a shop in California and Connecticut — turned a coupe into a shooting brake that’s more-attractive than the Ferrari FF, which was designed as a shooting brake from the start.

All photos via Facebook/Pete Callaway