Ahead Of Boston Auto Show, Here Are 8 Models We Can’t Wait To See In Person

Tue, Jan 10, 2017 1,002

Currently, all eyes in the automotive industry are fixed on the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. But soon their focus will shift a little further east.

Following NAIAS, every manufacturer will pack up their stuff and head to Boston for the New England International Auto Show from Jan. 12 through 16. The NESN Fuel team will also be in attendance at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, and there are some cars we can’t wait to see.

We’ve been drooling over certain model year 2017 cars for a while now, and the Boston Auto Show will be our first chance to see them up close. But it will also be our first chance to look at some of the model year 2018 vehicles that were revealed in Detroit.

Here’s our list of eight models we most look forward to seeing when the doors open at NEIAS on Thursday.

Thumbnail photo via Kia