First Functional Ford GT Prototype Set To Be Auctioned Off In January

Thu, Dec 29, 2016 1,649

If you want to own a piece of Ford GT history, but weren’t one of the 500 people approved to purchase the new 2017 model, you’re in luck.

The Ford GT CP-1 — for Confirmation Prototype 1 — is set to be auctioned off by┬áRusso and Steele Collector Automobile Auctions in January, according to a press release. CP-1 was the first prototype of the 2005 Ford GT to be fitted with a full interior, engine and drivetrain.

Designated VIN 004, CP-1 was built in 2003, one year after Ford debuted it as a concept to celebrate the company’s 100th birthday. It was the fourth prototype of the model, with Ford having previously built non-operational red, white and blue GTs, which are now on display at the Ford Museum.

Ford first sold this development car in 2008 to GT collector Joey Limongelli, who wrote a book titled “Ford GT 2005-2006: The Complete Owners Experience.” Before handing the car over, however, Ford’s engineers fitted the car with a limiter that won’t allow it to go faster than 5 mph.

To learn more about the Ford GT CP-1, which will go up for auction at an event from Jan. 18 through 22 in Scottsdale, Ariz., check out the gallery below.

Thumbnail photo via Russo and Steele