Google Maps’ Error Almost Turns Fatal For Family Stranded Near Grand Canyon

Wed, Dec 28, 2016 1,376

Next time you want to complain about how bad your family vacation was, just know it wasn’t nearly as bad as a Pennsylvania family’s recent trip to Grand Canyon National Park.

Karen, Eric and their son Isaac Klein were stranded in the Grand Canyon for more than a day in freezing temperatures after Google Maps sent them down a route their vehicle couldn’t navigate on Thursday, according to The Morning Call. They reportedly tried to turn their car around, but it got stuck in a ditch.

“Google Maps shows there’s a way — but it’s impassable,” Jim Driscoll, chief deputy for Coconino County in Arizona, told The Associated Press, via Popular Mechanics. “This is a problem we’ve had numerous times.”

Once the Kleins’ car became stuck, Karen — who’s had survival training — hiked toward the entrance of the park to get help, armed with just a small bag of Cheerios for food. She eventually ran out of food and water, however, as she ended up hiking 26 miles for 30 hours before breaking into a guard cabin for shelter, and subsisted on eating tree twigs and drinking her own urine.

“I think that people should realize that they have more strength within them than they think, whether it’s a mental strength or a physical strength, and to draw upon that and to not give up hope,” Karen said, according to Popular Mechanics.

Luckily for her, Eric on Friday morning reportedly walked in the opposite direction, and was able to get a cell signal to call for help. This allowed rescuers to find her six hours later, just in time before a storm hit that would make tracking her difficult.

All three of the Kleins were brought to the hospital after they were rescued, according to the Call, and while Eric and Isaac have been released, Karen is still receiving treatment for frostbite on her feet and other minor injuries.

Thumbnail photo via Pexels