Ford Shifting Focus Away From Cars, Won’t Push Incentives To Force Sales

Mon, Oct 24, 2016 2,267

Small car sales are down across the U.S. automotive industry, but Ford has no plans to introduce more incentives to inflate its sales numbers.

Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant underwent a massive overhaul in 2008, as the company put more focus on its small car lineup amid soaring gas prices, according to Automotive News. Now, though, consumer preference is reverting to more profitable SUVs and crossovers, causing Ford to do a complete 180.

“You can only go so far in terms of trying to entice customers to purchase those kinds of products,” Ford CEO Mark Fields said, via Automotive News. “We’ll focus on some of the segments where customers are migrating towards, whether it’s SUVs or pickup trucks, and we’re doing nicely there.”

The company’s change in philosophy has gained a lot of attention lately, with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticizing Ford for planning to move its small-car production to Mexico by 2018.

Fields stated multiple times that no jobs will be lost when Ford expands its production in Mexico. Recently, in fact, he told Automotive News the workers at Michigan Assembly — most of whom have had their hours cut due to decreased demand for small cars — will actually benefit from it.

“With these exciting products that we’re bringing in, it’s actually a net win for the (United Automobile Workers),” Fields told Automotive News.

Although Fields wouldn’t confirm what those new products will be, a UAW worker recently let it slip that it will be the revived Bronco and Ranger models.

Thumbnail photo via Ford