Subaru’s ‘I’m Sorry’ Commercial Sends Powerful Message To Kids, Parents

Mon, Aug 29, 2016 1,606

Even though cars have improved in terms of safety over the years, there are few things more terrifying for parents to think about than their child being involved in a crash.

Subaru conveys those emotions between a parent and their child perfectly in its “I’m Sorry” ad unveiled Monday. The ad, part of Subaru’s “Love” campaign, begins with multiple kids calling their parents to inform them they’ve been in a crash, and damaged their Subarus. But at the end of the commercial, the parents assure them, all that matters is their safety.

The Japanese manufacturer want’s parents to know — since its optional front impact prevention system earned six of its models the honor of being IIHS Top Safety Picks — they can rest a little easier if their child drives a Subaru.