Lewis Hamilton Wants Mercedes-AMG To Let Him Help Develop Supercar

Mon, Jul 4, 2016 1,857

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Lewis Hamilton always wanted to emulate Ayrton Senna by winning three world championships. So it should be no surprise that, after winning his third world championship, Hamilton has found another way he wants to emulate his idol.

Hamilton wants Mercedes-AMG to let him help develop a supercar, like Senna did with the original Honda NSX, the Formula One driver told “Top Gear.”

“When they first brought the AMG GT R to me, I had all these ideas,” Hamilton was quoted as saying. “I was talking to Tobias, ‘You’ve got all this F1 technology, and you’ve got the world champion driving your car, let’s do something┬átogether.’ ”

It’s unclear whether Hamilton would work with the German manufacturer on a new halo car, or a limited-edition GT. All Hamilton cares about is being able to work closely with engineers during the development process.

“At some stage, I want to do my own car with them, like a GT LH or something like that,” Hamilton told “Top Gear.” “A limited-edition series, which I can test, which I can set up and which I can have a real hands-on approach with the design — when they eventually give me the budget to do┬áso.”

Thumbnail photo via Mercedes-AMG Petronas